"I'm on my way to 无锡新区.. almost missed my train. I sweat like a pig on my way to 红桥火车站! But I was lucky enough to reach the platform 5 minutes before the train left. The journey here was scary 'cause I kept getting lost or going the wrong way. Stupid not?! And I almost burst out in tears because of the stress hahaha wtf so loser.

Anyway, the train is very nice and comfy. There's this small room of 6 passenger each. Cozy. I have no picture to show cause it is very awkward to take a photo now so I will just let you guys (if you guys even exist) to imagine hehe ^^

Excited to meet my dad cause finally I'll feel at home after so long!!

I really miss my mum and our house in Singapore ☹ my tiny room with the huge ass mirror, and also my lovely boyfriend. I miss him so much! Can't wait to chiong back in feb and be in his arms again.

Thought of today: I AM A TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, EVIL GIRLFRIEND! My boyfriend is so unlucky :/"
- Friday, 18 November 2011

Had awesome homecook food to welcome me (: its minestrone soup and a cold dish, beef.
Webcamed with my mum and she was so excited to see us haha and I also finished up the birthday video for my boyfriend on friday night, uploaded it onto Vimeo on saturday. Vimeo is a really nice video hosting website anw.

Wonderful brunch on saturday! Grapefruit fried rice!!!! (: my dad cooks so good. We went to this wholesale place to walk around. I planned to do some shopping but I was lazy to bargain and everything was so expensive, to me. But I bought this warm water bag thou, its fluffy and soft on the outside (: and I really liked the pattern! Knitted ♥

Then we went for some 无锡小笼包 for dinner. It was very niceeeeee and big and juicy!!

This was breakfast for sunday at 永和第一代 豆浆.. I loved the 油条s

Chicken soup before I leave.. I'm visiting my dad again next weekend (:

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