I went to dye my hair with my stupid friend/3 years group mate/ 5 months room mate Tesshire Chan.

The place is very cozy and vintage. Loved it! The stairs are kind of steep and crampy thou, be careful with your heels.

It's called Bono Salon. I guess it's quite popular in Shanghai. Apparently it's always fully booked on the weekends and weekday nights. So please make an appointment before going. 021-62569769

Address: 上海市靜安區武定路870號(近常德路)

Omg why am I so nice.

I cut my hair too. My stylist is called JUN 阿俊, please thank me. Giving you free publicity. He's not bad!

Taught me tricks to trim my fringe so that I won't screw it up.

Cut + Dye = 290 RMB. It's quite worth it! Compared to 七浦路's 美作坊.. ok maybe it's because I cheapskate, I used the cheapest dye but how can the color totally run off within TWO days?!?!

Plus the ambience at Bono Salon (second level) is really good.

I plan to go back to Bono Salon in feb to cut and maybe dye again, before returning to Singapore.

Ooooh I'm so excited about going back in feb!!! I'll wait for another time to share that story. 93 days left! (:

I'll be visiting my Dad at 无锡 for the weekend. Leaving after work on Friday and returning on Sunday evening.

Can't wait to eat some home cook food and let my Dad pamper me hehehe

AND ESCAPE from our extremely dirty apartment. ESP THE TOILET. Sorry it's kinda my duty to wash it but I think everyone has the responsibility to keep it clean. Like cleaning off your hairs on the toilet basin AT LEAST!!!!

So gross. Every night/morning I go in the toilet seeing a lot hairs on the basin. I use my fingers to clean them up. SUPER DUPER GROSS. *pukes* initiative, people. I still love ni men. Just do your part to keep the toilet clean. Tess is a great housewife. She is sweeping all the time hahahaha. I suck at cleaning but at least I don't mess up the house in the first place hehe

Whaleboy toilet is last warning kind of smelly. He needs a bottle of air fresher just for his toilet hahaha

BTW random thought: I really miss BAN MIAN!!!! TOM YAM!!! JIAO ZI MIAN!!! THE CHILLI!!! At Makan Place ☹

Oh, I had my first ever team lunch yesterday!!!!! So happy. With the Planning Department (:

All of them are very nice and friendly people but it was a bit awkward at the table. Food was nice. We had Si Chuan food.They suggested to go to Hangzhou next time for our team lunch! I hope I'm still here when it happens.

OK. BYE. I have nothing more to say. ♕

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