It has been really hard..

At least I can learn to be more independent and change myself, the bad parts.. I miss everything we used to do together. I love you dear (:

Okay. Less emoness.

Something funny happened on my way to work. This tall china dude tapped on my shoulder and stood really close to me and asked if I can have dinner with him tonight. WTF. I'm not some slutty girl on the train that you can pick up just like that ok. Then he asked for my number.. Hate guys like that who just get random girl's number.

Anyway, I just came back from lunch. This guy from RAPP, Rune, treated me to a very nice dim sum meal!!

It was really nice~ the water chestnut dish was really good.

The restaurant is at 新天地, this is how 新天地 looks like.

Gonna meet my grandma and aunt for dinner tonight. Don't think I'll have appetite to eat so much already. I really feel like I'm gonna fall sick. Having a slight sore-throat now ☹

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